Thursday, January 29, 2009

Transparent Things

this is me.

and I keep looking for the perfect lace tights, with the flowers and all such as:

can't find any, bought a pair that were kinda like it but ugly.
anyone know any? let me know.

I found a great fashion photographer on my way surfing the internet, and I cannot figure out his/her's name because it doesn't say but check out some of these photos:

he or she go the lighting down in each one. I especially love the one with the gold leaves.
Now back to the basics, I have been seeing (and wearing) a whole bunch of circle scarves. They are easy to make so be sure to try that out before spending too much money on them nowadays its hard to scrounge up the pennies to do even that.

now of course youve seen the most popular ones at American Apparel...

but there are better ones out there trust me!

just go to

has awesome scarves that she makes and you can even pick the colors, she even has two-tones ones that are hot. CHEAP $28 bucks man.