Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Favourite designer; Alexander Mcqueen

The four time winner of British Designer of the Year, has a very gothic and avant garde style of which I love. He is well known for his style and his shock-tactics to 'wow' his audience. He is my recent favourite next to Coco Chanel.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My new favourite site, has the most beautiful photos i've seen in a while. They use Holga cameras along with digital SLRs.
Gorgeous themes for the photoshoots and great color schemes.
From vintage to modern. Check it out, I know i'm enjoying myself.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Onesie Onesie

Gorgeous onesie that canbe found at Urban Outfitters for $58.
Ruffled bottoms and tight tops are in trend right now for spring (or what we Californians call early summer)
Great buy, I might even snatch this up to wear to Coachella this year.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sorry about all the posts about heels, but I am currently obsessed with shoes. Take a look at these babies from www.asos.com. High ankle boots, open toe (which is noticeably in right now) scrunchy top and high heel. They are to die for, and if you are on the rebellious side, you can get them in deep purple as well. But for me, I adore the plain black. They can go with jeans or leggings. What I love about these shoes is that they can dress something up, or you can dress them down. The options are limitless.

They are 54 euros which in US dollars would be about $90 not including shipping.

My hero, Sarah Jessica Parker, attended The American Winter Ball and wore a L'Wren Scott dress and beautiful cut-out ankle boots. The fur wrap is a nice addition but the gloves, not so much. What I love about Sarah is her risk taking. I bet she the only one at the ball looking as rebellious as she chose to look. Good job Sarah. She also won the top ten on Vogue's best dressed list this week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chanel has done it again

Chanel chanel chanel. These silver high lace-up wedges are going for about $1200 but only $900 on Ebay. That's budgeting!
They are beautiful though, arent they?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh, Mon Dieu!

Yeah, Bakers has knock off's of the studded
Gucci Baboushka ankle boots. Not the same, but
quite similar. Worth it though, they're $149 and
fierce. Next paycheck man, next paycheck.
Zipper down the front and cut out back,
jaw dropping I swear.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ma Bande Favourite


They're a great brand new band that sounds like a mix between Hot Chip, Zwicker, and Dangerous Muse. If you haven't heard them, I personally recommend them. They have a great electro sound with a great male singer. It's fucking great, I swear. They are "Manchester party animals" according to Lily Allen and friends' website. Let's say they're a dance-punk indie-rock band. There you go. The song "Dubsex" is amazing. AMAZING.

So I recently bought a pair of Ray Bans and I am now obsessed. I want the leather framed aviators and the pink lensed with gold frame and the black on black aviators. But overall I want the dark green lenses with the gold frame. HOT DAMN. They're selling on Ebay right now for cheap but since I'm saving up for my two Coachella tickets, it's going to be difficult. And I of course want to wear my new and improved Ray Bans to Coachella, who wouldn't? So I am in a predicament. I'm over to the local Buffalo Exchange to sell some clothes tomorrow and make a little extra cash. I mean, I have a shitload of cool clothes that I never wear. Partly because I go to Goodwill every other day and buy whatever fits me. What a good way to save money, you say sarcastically.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Je l'aime quand je ne peux pas

C'est mon problème: ma vie est trop mystique. Je ne peux pas la controller. Tout ce dont est passé, était confuser et mauvais. Je ne peux pas t'aimer. Pas maintenant. Vous prenez tout de mes pensées, je ne peux pas penser. Mais, je ne me cache pas de toi, parce que je t'aime, malheureusement.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Je Les Veux!

The scarf is 120 dollars. JESUS! That's a paycheck I can't afford to spend.
But the tights are cheap at http://www.mytights.com/

That site had the coolest tights. Even ones with fringe on them! No joke.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Justice for All

The new age has risen!

Of course you have heard of them, but do you know about them? They are an amazing French duo on Ed Banger Records. Powered by the gorgeous Xavier de Rosnay (guilty pleasure) and Gaspard Augé. They first became known with their remix of Simian's song "Never Be Alone", but they then created their first hit "Waters of Nazereth" (amazing.) and then of course "D.A.N.C.E.". Following that, "Phantom" and all the rest of their beautiful and energetic songs.
I saw them at Coachella 2008 (the only reason I went) and had the time of my life.


The Killers are playing second day this year at Coachella 2009. Are you excited? (I have been told I have an unhealthy relationship with The Killers).

Alright, so back to what I do everyday in my Graphic Design class (where I am now), which is write about style. Here are some new goodies...
Nice right? Did you happen to notice that gorgeous yellow bicycle? Mhmmmm

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inspiration for Design

Looking up pictures from back in the day really gives you inspiration. I love these styles from the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 80s.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Oh man, oh man are you in for a treat, I've been listening to a new radio station on Yahoo! music (try it out it's free with great tunes) and the channel is called The Killers Fan Radio (I am a huge fan). This station plays not only the Killers, but also Modest Mouse, The Bravery, TV on the Radio, Beck and others that have a similar sound to my favourite band of all time.

Beck- Black Tambourine- Guero

The Killers- Midnight Show- Hot Fuss

The Hives-Walk Idiot Walk- Walk Idiot Walk (old but still awesome)

Great new album by The Killers
(Goodnight, Travel Well is an awesome track)

But back to the normal stuff- The one item I am saving up for is this gorgeous jacket by Kimchi Blue at UO. It's on sale (can you believe it?) for $69.99. Love it

Avec les petit chaussures comme:

elles sont adorable n'est-ce pas?


Wackerhaus and Stine Goya

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Transparent Things

this is me.

and I keep looking for the perfect lace tights, with the flowers and all such as:

can't find any, bought a pair that were kinda like it but ugly.
anyone know any? let me know.

I found a great fashion photographer on my way surfing the internet, and I cannot figure out his/her's name because it doesn't say but check out some of these photos:

he or she go the lighting down in each one. I especially love the one with the gold leaves.
Now back to the basics, I have been seeing (and wearing) a whole bunch of circle scarves. They are easy to make so be sure to try that out before spending too much money on them nowadays its hard to scrounge up the pennies to do even that.

now of course youve seen the most popular ones at American Apparel...

but there are better ones out there trust me!

just go to


has awesome scarves that she makes and you can even pick the colors, she even has two-tones ones that are hot. CHEAP $28 bucks man.