Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Oh man, oh man are you in for a treat, I've been listening to a new radio station on Yahoo! music (try it out it's free with great tunes) and the channel is called The Killers Fan Radio (I am a huge fan). This station plays not only the Killers, but also Modest Mouse, The Bravery, TV on the Radio, Beck and others that have a similar sound to my favourite band of all time.

Beck- Black Tambourine- Guero

The Killers- Midnight Show- Hot Fuss

The Hives-Walk Idiot Walk- Walk Idiot Walk (old but still awesome)

Great new album by The Killers
(Goodnight, Travel Well is an awesome track)

But back to the normal stuff- The one item I am saving up for is this gorgeous jacket by Kimchi Blue at UO. It's on sale (can you believe it?) for $69.99. Love it

Avec les petit chaussures comme:

elles sont adorable n'est-ce pas?


Wackerhaus and Stine Goya

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