Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Justice for All

The new age has risen!

Of course you have heard of them, but do you know about them? They are an amazing French duo on Ed Banger Records. Powered by the gorgeous Xavier de Rosnay (guilty pleasure) and Gaspard Augé. They first became known with their remix of Simian's song "Never Be Alone", but they then created their first hit "Waters of Nazereth" (amazing.) and then of course "D.A.N.C.E.". Following that, "Phantom" and all the rest of their beautiful and energetic songs.
I saw them at Coachella 2008 (the only reason I went) and had the time of my life.


The Killers are playing second day this year at Coachella 2009. Are you excited? (I have been told I have an unhealthy relationship with The Killers).

Alright, so back to what I do everyday in my Graphic Design class (where I am now), which is write about style. Here are some new goodies...
Nice right? Did you happen to notice that gorgeous yellow bicycle? Mhmmmm

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