Friday, March 6, 2009

Ma Bande Favourite


They're a great brand new band that sounds like a mix between Hot Chip, Zwicker, and Dangerous Muse. If you haven't heard them, I personally recommend them. They have a great electro sound with a great male singer. It's fucking great, I swear. They are "Manchester party animals" according to Lily Allen and friends' website. Let's say they're a dance-punk indie-rock band. There you go. The song "Dubsex" is amazing. AMAZING.

So I recently bought a pair of Ray Bans and I am now obsessed. I want the leather framed aviators and the pink lensed with gold frame and the black on black aviators. But overall I want the dark green lenses with the gold frame. HOT DAMN. They're selling on Ebay right now for cheap but since I'm saving up for my two Coachella tickets, it's going to be difficult. And I of course want to wear my new and improved Ray Bans to Coachella, who wouldn't? So I am in a predicament. I'm over to the local Buffalo Exchange to sell some clothes tomorrow and make a little extra cash. I mean, I have a shitload of cool clothes that I never wear. Partly because I go to Goodwill every other day and buy whatever fits me. What a good way to save money, you say sarcastically.


  1. The Whip is awesome. Also google "Kingston Logic."
    You do love those aviators, lucky for you they work!

  2. Raybans = my life!
    haaa love the pair you got!